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VIA design, a UK charitable company, works in partnership with crafts producers, NGO’s, and individual artisans in the majority world to design, produce and sell attractive handcrafted products.


Core values

Vision, inspiration and action are at the heart of the company. Our action is motivated by our core values, which are: commitment to the poor, justice, integrity, good stewardship of resources, accountability and recognition of the value of individuals. We welcome the opportunity to work with people and organisations who share these values. We insist on ethical working conditions and fair pay for all.


VIA is governed by a board of trustees and has established a network of designers and business professionals. A working group of specialist advisers who share our commitment to ethical business practices helps develop our strategy and vision. VIA design (trading) Ltd., the trading subsidiary of VIA DESIGN, reinvests all profits from sales of products to further the charitable objects of VIA design.


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