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'We have a status in our society'

Our main business partner, Flowering Desert, is based at Mahalir Aran Trust in a rural community in South India in an area where there are limited means of earning a regular income.


Training in manufacturing textile, paper and jewellery products leading to fairly paid employment at Flowering Desert offers a way for the women to increase their skills and future work possibilities, bringing them a status in their society, often for the first time.


We are seeing communities flourish as more women are equipped to make choices and improve the quality of life for themselves and the future generations.


'VIA has shown me the way through'

Through training and a start-up business grant from VIA Design in Bangalore, Sheela has significantly developed her design, stitching and embroidery skills, and increased her self-confidence. She works on limited editions and develops samples for VIA’s emerging product ranges and is starting to build up her own small business. As a single parent, Sheela raised two children on her own, supported by her own earnings. Her son is in his final year of studies for a degree in Commerce. Her daughter in her early twenties is now happily married with a baby.


Since finishing a Production Management course in textiles with support and mentoring from VIA, Amulu, a designer with entrepreneurial flair, supervised production of our first major export order and worked with us to develop new product ideas. Now married and settled with her husband’s family, Amulu has recently fulfilled her dream of setting up her own small business.



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